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TVD Cast BTS of S6 Promotional Shoot

The Vampire Diaries - Bite Back

I laugh stuff off all the time. If you read half the shit people wrote about me, you’d be in hysterical laughter too. It’s not always bad things - people are generally pretty positive, and I haven’t had any scandals, which is why I can laugh about it, but still, any time you read anything that’s not true or well sensationalized, it’s like, ‘Well, there we go.’ So many people are speculating, and even some of my own friends are fooled by it… so what will the rest of the world think? 

Nina Dobrev out/filming at the Central Park in New York City // August 4, 2014

Every role presents a new opportunity for me to do something different and to explore something different.

New photo of Ian Somerhalder Conde Nast Traveler 2013 Visionaries


Nina Dobrev at the Let’s Be Cops Premiere in LA. (August 7)


TVD + Text Posts | Part 2

Defan + European boyfriends